Hidexe Value Chain

HIDEXE has developed a standardized product matrix for different stages of production, developed by industry specialists for industry specialists, which facilitate quick product matching between platform users.

HIDEXE platform facilitates procurement and logistics in real-time and round-the-clock in a fast, efficient and convenient way. HIDEXE helps users to interact and reduces administration by generating the relevant draft documentation using the ICHSLTA 6 contract.  This pre-drafted ICHSLTA documentation can be used to immediately execute the matched bilateral trades, where product transportation, payments and other arrangements are done directly between the users, without the need to enter into any contractual relationship with HIDEXE.

HIDEXE software has several useful tools to automate and accelerate ‘repeat business’ functions, which are integrated in the entire procurement and fulfilment functions.


HIDEXE is Hide & Leather 2.0

  • HIDEXE is available 24/7 from any location, device or operating system, allowing users to trade hide & leather at a time and place suitable for them
  • Intuitive user interface, developed by industry professionals for industry professionals, eliminates the need for any training
  • HIDEXE’s cost-efficient cloud-based ecosystem is standardized for global use, from product definitions to legal contracts and logistics
  • Real-time software platform allows users to trade with confidence
    • Different user rights facilitate internal controls and offer traders ability to split risk-taking activities from the back-office administration
    • All transactions are easily auditable, thus providing full internal transparency through the entire auction and logistics life-cycle
    • Prices achieved through public or private auctions can serve as clearing or internal pricing benchmarks
    • Global reach, access to transparent and real-time information guarantee maximum procurement results
    • Instant notifications prompt users to react to market changes, contract fulfilment needs, and allow users to respond to them without delay
    • All data is encrypted and hosted on redundant servers in Luxembourg (known for its strong bank secrecy laws and GDPR laws)
  • HIDEXE represents a new channel and outlet to market existing products and efficiently test the demand for new products
  • Platform can handle both high-frequency commodity trading and bespoke offers for specialized products
  • HIDEXE encompasses powerful product search engines, allowing users to quickly filter the relevant information (geographic traits, certificates, protocols, etc)

Leather Ecosystem
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