Technology as a Service (TaaS)

Every hide has its cost and is sold at a price. The price that can be charged depends on the market, the quality, the marketing and the segment targeted.

Although every hide is unique, meat processors, tanneries and end-users have a clear need to treat each hide as a ‘fungible commodity’, that can be objectively classified, graded, and priced.  This is particularly important for large industry players, whose ‘repeat business’ transactions represent the bulk of their daily flow trading.

Grading hides consistently and objectively is not an easy task, but HIDEXE has made great strides to achieve just this.

Today, there are many ways to describe hides, skins, leather and by-products, as well as methods for evaluating their quality.  HIDEXE is working to transform the way hide and leather is bought and sold globally by doing three things: 

  • Creating common, globally-accepted, definitions for hide, skins, leather and by-products, so as to provide a consistent way to accurately and verifiably describe their respective characteristics;

  • Establishing methods and best practices to grade hide and leather using objective computer algorithms in combination with scanning equipment of the highest-quality.

  • Issuing HIDEXE grading reports that consistently and accurately communicate grading results to different stakeholders in the various markets.

HIDEXE’s NHQ (Numeric Hide Quality) reports will create objective, verifiable and trustworthy standards for marketplaces across the globe.  HIDEXE is an original and unrivalled source for accuracy and integrity in hide and leather grading.  HIDEXE’s grading reports contain technologically determined information on hide shape, quality, proportions and finish, and clearly shows all identified defects. 

HIDEXE’s latest innovation is the introduction of a hide’s identification and allows for its traceability, in addition to a full, highly accurate, unbiased computer-generated assessment.  HIDEXE’s technology easily recognises various traceability tags that can be used systematically for supply chain audits and inventory stocktaking.

Depending on user needs, HIDEXE’s reports can be offered in a very concise format, or in a very detailed configuration.  It is flexible and can easily be adapted to a user-specific needs.  

While HIDEXE is looking to make the industry more standardized and uniform worldwide in order to allow its stakeholders to be more agile and productive, we understand that this approach may not be suitable for all market players, reason for which we offer bespoke consulting services to assist leather professional to discover and harness the power of our patented technology, and create new solutions based on their identified needs.


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