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Supply Hides, Skins, Leather & By-products Globally With A Few Clicks

HIDEXE provides software and a surrounding ecosystem of resources that allows users to supply hide & leather products to the market, whilst greatly reducing transaction costs compared to existing, traditional, channels.  The HIDEXE software suite and ecosystem offer you opportunities to establish new trading partnerships and tap into new market demand, not only within your existing supply chains but across entirely new ones. It also provides new opportunities to extend your reach globally, which is now becoming more relevant than ever before. Needless to say, the HIDEXE software tools are essential for the industry since they offer a convenient way to compare market prices and product availability from a single source.  HIDEXE offers greater transparency, since availability and prices are accessible in an open, competitive, environment. HIDEXE provides round-the-clock and universally accessible cloud-based services, thus removing time constraints and problems arising from different international trading hours and travel restrictions.

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  • Onboarding process
    Quick and easy sign-up process
  • Define Product
    Intuitive product templates
  • Search & Advertise
    Efficient search engine & repeat transaction templates
  • Monitor Market
    Real-time monitoring tools
  • Transact
    Transactions based on standard ICHSLTA contracts
  • How it works

    Onboarding process

    We have designed an easy onboarding process in order to ensure that you can start using our SaaS tools within minutes without a need for training. Our services are simple to use and address most of your questions or concerns from the outset.

    Hide & leather professionals register on, and once they create their user profiles and agree to the terms of use, they immediately gain access to a number of free SaaS platform tools accessible from a simple user dashboard.  Suppliers can quickly create product descriptions by using intuitive, pre-defined HIDEXE templates that are based on standard industry definitions.

    As soon as a product is uploaded to a seller’s dashboard, he/she can launch related auctions with only a few clicks by selecting this product from a portfolio list, defining its starting price (and/or a ‘buy now price’), lot size (number of containers/truckloads), availability period, maximum auction duration, and paying a transparent on-demand volumetric (calculated on a per container or truckload basis) software license fee. Our on-demand model allows customers to consume our services anywhere and anytime, as soon as the need arises.  Our ‘pay-per-use’ formula benefits our users as software fee payments are based on the actual usage, which means that they can avoid large fixed costs.

    Depending on user preferences, auctions can be launched in a ‘public’ or ‘private’ format.

    We also aim to standardize the platform to the extent possible, both in terms of industry product definitions and legal framework.  We support ICHSLTA's efforts to maintain and develop the International Leather Contracts to promote a fair and ethical basis for trade in the sector, and our platform automatically generates INTERNATIONAL CONTRACT No. 6 - HIDES & SKINS following a successful auction result.

    We have built this platform specifically for the benefit of Hide & Leather professionals, with a view to create a transparency in the market that will serve all parties equitably and fairly. We trust that all users will retain their initial good standing not only in the short run, but for many years to come. HIDEXE has done its utmost to create an environment in which buyers feel safe buying.  Being part of an established ecosystem provides a level of trust between you and the buyer, where all participants can benefit from impartial reviews of products and services, which will give new customers the confidence to buy.

    Here are some common-sense rules meant to assist sellers to avoid any problems from the outset, while transacting effortlessly on HIDEXE's capable and proficient platform:

    • Contract violations
      HIDEXE auctions, or outright purchase transactions, represent contractual agreements on HIDEXE between sellers and respective bidder(s). Once a listing is formally posted, the seller should consider it as his legal responsibility to sell the defined product at the auction's closing price and to deliver it in the condition advertised to the winning bidder. Not doing so would represent a clear and grave violation of HIDEXE rules and policies.
    • Auction manipulations
      Sellers bidding on their own auctions or via affiliates under their control, or buying and selling to oneself, is forbidden on HIDEXE and any attempt to do so will be sanctioned. This includes manipulating product prices and transportation costs in order to skew listing priorities.
    • Product regulations
      Any product that is restricted or heavily regulated when sold outside the HIDEXE platform is equally restricted or regulated on HIDEXE, and the HIDEXE platform should not be used as a conduit to avoid any laws and regulations.  It is not allowed to intentionally mislabel items, and all cross border (be it state or national) shipments need to be entirely in conformity with the relevant (inter)national laws and regulations. If the seller is legally prohibited from selling his products outside the HIDEXE platform, he should assume that he cannot sell them on HIDEXE either.
    • Courteous communication
      HIDEXE encourages courteous communication amongst its members.  Making threats against or harassing those with whom you do business, publishing personal information or accusations about them in any form or place, or reselling information about them without their consent is strictly prohibited.
    • Manipulation of HIDEXE Fees
      If a member is caught intentionally cancelling auctions and selling to buyers directly, HIDEXE will swiftly deny access to that member and any affiliated company.
    • Using HIDEXE to boost non-HIDEXE online business
      HIDEXE allows members to provide their contact information in order to facilitate trading, but prohibits any attempts to divert traffic to other websites.  HIDEXE expects sellers to transact on HIDEXE, and not to use HIDEXE to sell on other sites where they do not have to pay HIDEXE fees. Using HIDEXE listings to direct advertisements or links to non-HIDEXE sites is strictly prohibited.
    • Maintain Good Customer Service
      New sellers can be suspended for not providing accurate contact information in their buyer-accessible profiles or for getting too much negative feedback. HIDEXE sellers are expected to maintain good customer service, including having a valid email address and phone number on file and keeping up with their obligations.
  • How it works

    Define Product

    In order to facilitate the trading between buyers and sellers, HIDEXE has developed product description templates that contain mandatory and optional fields.

    Every product is made at a cost and each is sold at a price. The price that can be charged depends on the market, the quality, the marketing and the segment that is targeted.

  • How it works

    Search & Advertise

    Our search engines are intuitive and simple to use.  You can search the market to see similar offerings from other producers, which will allow you to optimize your advertising and pricing strategies.  Our system allows you to store the frequently used searches in order to save you time on high frequency repeat transactions.

  • How it works

    Monitor Market

    All markets experience volatility to some extent.  In order to help you better manage your business and mitigate operational risks, we have developed various market monitors to help you understand the current trends in one glance.

  • How it works


    We support ICHSLTA's efforts to maintain and develop the International Leather Contracts to promote a fair and ethical basis for trade in the sector, and our platform automatically generates INTERNATIONAL CONTRACT No. 6 - HIDES & SKINS following a successful auction result.

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