13 May 2024

HIDEXE SA and DR. SCHENK GmbH: Groundbreaking Collaboration Set to Unlock Precision & Efficiency in Leather Inspection

In a groundbreaking collaboration aimed at transforming the global leather inspection standards, HIDEXE SA and Dr. Schenk GmbH have united their expertise to create state-of-the-art autonomous digital inspection solutions tailored for wetblue/wetwhite hides all the way to finished leather.

Dr. Schenk GmbH, renowned for its automatic optical surface inspection solutions, has been a global leader since its establishment in 1985. With tens of thousands of successful installations across various industries including plastics, wood, textiles, nonwovens, composites, paper, metal and glass, Dr. Schenk has established itself as a symbol of precision and reliability.

HIDEXE SA has diligently integrated Dr. Schenk's cutting-edge hardware and technology into its NHQ SaaS product range, specifically tailored to address the intricate requirements of hide and leather processing. Drawing upon seven generations of expertise of the Gilet family, HIDEXE SA has emerged as the ideal collaborator to enhance Dr. Schenk's comprehensive inspection product line.

This strategic alliance capitalizes on Dr. Schenk's proficiency in manufacturing high-precision industrial-grade optical equipment and its extensive global reach for installations and maintenance, combined with HIDEXE SA's profound understanding of the specific challenges and requirements inherent in the tanning industry. The outcome is a suite of autonomous digital inspection solutions promising unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and reliability throughout the leather manufacturing process.

Tanneries worldwide now have access to cutting-edge inspection solutions customized to their distinct needs. From identifying defects in wetblue/wetwhite hides to ensuring perfection in finished leather products, this collaboration empowers manufacturers to uphold the highest quality standards while streamlining production processes and significantly reducing resource usage and waste.

With a shared dedication to innovation and excellence, HIDEXE SA and Dr. Schenk GmbH are positioned to revolutionize the leather industry, setting new benchmarks for quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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