30 June 2023

HIDEXE SA joins Sustainable Leather Foundation

Today’s society is more informed and conscious of the effects that production and consumption have on the earth’s natural resources and its ability to regenerate. The negative impacts that can damage our ecosystem, the importance of fair and humane treatment of workers, and the welfare of animals. The leather industry has the potential to impact positively and negatively on both our environment and also as part of a sustainable economy for the future. Leather making is a traditional industry that is responsible for employing millions of people worldwide. Globally, the industry produces approximately 24 billion square feet of leather, resulting in an economy worth more than $80 billion annually. These statistics make it vital that as an industry we ensure future sustainability by:

  • protecting the environment
  • driving innovation for improvement
  • educating and encouraging the use of best available techniques
  • supporting the health and wellbeing of workforces across the value chain

With HIDEXE’s focus on building advanced and versatile solutions for efficient digital inspection of hide and leather defects, we are confident that we can advance all those causes from the moment our tools are installed.  We can significantly cut production waste by stopping tanning and re-tanning of incorrigible hides even during the early stages of production (wetblue/wetwhite).  HIDEXE’s NHQ integrated solutions will not only cut waste, but significantly cut unnecessary production expenses at the time when the entire world is struggling with rampant inflation. Installation of NHQ solutions at tanneries will also greatly improve their working environments not only for the workers on the factory floor (hide inspectors), but also for those in the back-office positions who will benefit from seamless, autonomous, error-free and real-time data exchanges, easily traceable for each hide.

 The sustainable future is here. Embrace it!

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