28 February 2023

NHQ, a truly INGENIOUS SOLUTION that ushers in a profound industrial transformation

Ever so long, a truly INGENIOUS SOLUTION ushers in a profound & notable industrial transformation.

Tanners of this world, meet HIDEXE NHQ SaaS.

NHQ, or Numeric Hide Quality, is an integrated (hardware & software) digital DETECTION, INSPECTION, GRADING & TRACING solution that solves most production efficiency, quality control, information flow & pollution challenges, which have been plaguing the tanning industry for decades.

But, above anything else NHQ SIGNIFICANTLY CUTS WASTE (triggered by hide grading errors which accumulate & snowball over the production cycle ... chemicals, energy, water, labor & time).

NHQ's versatile platform represents a completely new way of thinking & operating, while having an important feature:
it can easily be RETRO-FITTED into ANY slaughterhouse or tannery around the world & installed in a matter of months (just behind your sammying machine).

Join our positive revolution TODAY & prosper.

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