28 February 2023

NHQ helps hide inspectors & redirects resources to more productive tasks

While perfecting our NHQ (Numeric Hide Quality) grading solutions in tanneries (in real life conditions), our team started to fully appreciate the extremely DEMANDING WORKING CONDITIONS that hide inspectors face day in and day out.

CHALLENGE: Retaining staff and their skills & attracting new recruits is becoming more and more difficult, thus increasing HR & other not-easily-measurable costs (loss of institutional knowledge, production interruptions caused by departures of key staff, declining morale, etc).

SOLUTION: We recommend that you improve your hide inspectors' conditions immediately by installing NHQ high-precision cameras (behind your existing sammying machine) powered by our patented machine learning & AI algorithms, accessible through a very user-friendly interface.

Our new solutions SIGNIFICANTLY accelerate the hide inspection process, by eliminating slow and tedious manual visual inspections, and related manual data entry. Most importantly, NHQ eliminates all grading and other data errors (and their negative financial impact), since our cameras and servers have superhuman concentration, real-time processing capabilities, and never get tired. By helping your staff and redirecting your resources to more productive tasks, NHQ will pay for itself in under 12 months by eliminating stealthy costs associated with grading errors and unecessary tanning of substandard/incorrigible hides.

Improving staff morale is provided for free!

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