27 September 2021

COVID19 Has Changed The Way Companies Negotiate

Increasingly, negotiations in the hide and leather industry are being conducted virtually, remotely, and online. At the same time, across the globe, as the prices of both inputs and outputs have become much more volatile, all traditional transaction terms are now up for grabs as supply chains are coming under protracted strain.

This is the new status quo, and it is becoming increasingly clear that this situation may never go back to the way things used to work before COVID19. Consequently, hide and leather negotiators must now carefully re-evaluate their assumptions on real-time basis, prioritize their tasks, and involve key stakeholders much more often.

HIDEXE software as a service (H-SaaS) and the related mobile app represent an excellent and highly affordable tool for the leather industry that allows hide and leather traders to stay up to date on all current trades and related negotiations, be it on the price discovery side, or on the logistics/fulfilment side.  H-SaaS was developed by leather professionals for leather professionals, and incorporates numerous time-tested tools, such as auctions and RFPs, automated ICHSLTA documentation features and notifications, and other CRM/ERP modules. HIDEXE enables all market players to participate and benefit from an optimized, standardized, and integrated global digital ecosystem for hide, skins, leather & by-products.

HIDEXE’s unique approach to software architecture makes this tool very intuitive for the leather procurement professionals from the outset, as it has not changed how people negotiate, but only transformed the offline interactions into the online real-time communication, supported by the automation of repetitive tasks that saves users time, money, and hassle.

HIDEXE.com is leading the way for the industry to modernize and overcome its growing list of challenges. Start using H-SaaS today and prosper.

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