22 July 2021

Equal access to the global hide & leather market

Hidexe’s software-as-a-service, also known as H-SaaS, can considerably accelerate and automate the global procurement of hide, skins, leather and by-products, and significantly increase trading profits for sellers, buyers, traders and agents, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As such, this new tool is future-proof and very sustainable.

Hidexe believes that all industry participants should have unfettered, free and equal access to the global hide & leather market, regardless of whether they are on the buying or the selling side. This transparent approach has created a level playing field based on fairness, in which each player has an equal chance to succeed and all participants play by the same set of rules. Hidexe’s business-to- business ecosystem is truly global and very inclusive, bringing together both large and small companies, ranging from meat packers and hide processors, to tanners, traders and agents, from raw to finished leather.

The hide & leather industry needs to migrate ‘online’ as soon as possible and digitalise and integrate the existing relationships in order to introduce the much-needed efficiency improvements and transparency, but without changing the foundations of the existing interrelations underpinning this very traditional and conservative industry.

To that end, Hidexe’s digital ecosystem not only lets you compare prices real-time from any desktop or mobile device, but also launch your own e-auctions, bid on other people’s auctions, communicate with counterparties real-time, benefit from the system-generated pre-filled legal documents for auction winners, agree logistics and payment terms, and monitor fulfilment. By adopting or switching to Hidexe today, you can go global and transform your regional platform without making any significant and risky capital investments.

It is high time to upgrade to Leather 4.0 today (risk-free at Hidexe.com).

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