4 June 2021

Create your virtual global presence in a few clicks


It may perhaps be willy-nilly, but finally the hide and leather industry is going digital. 

Changing a conservative industry represents a significant challenge and requires patience, but HIDEXE has done its utmost to make this shift as easy, quick and inexpensive as possible for the benefit of all market participants. 

HIDEXE’s cloud-based software enables you to create your digital product catalogue within minutes, by leveraging standardised industry definitions that are easily understood across the globe. With a few additional clicks you can launch auctions, thereby creating your own virtual digital window display for the world to discover all your products.  HIDEXE allows you to buy, sell or trade products at transparent market prices, ensuring that you are not leaving any money on the table. It has also greatly automated the entire procurement cycle, enabling sellers to move their inventory faster whilst reducing their working capital needs.

HIDEXE has also created a virtual side corner for confidential discussions and private auctions. Most recently, we have also made it possible to haggle online, to replicate the old-fashioned approach of doing business; buyers are now able to place bids below the asking price. Of course, in such a case, the seller is not obliged to complete the transaction, but he will be better able to understand the real bid-ask spread.

Start trading leather online today.  It’s easy if you try.



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