5 March 2021



  • HIDEXE represents the easiest, cheapest, safest and the most sustainable way to trade hides & leather today
  • HIDEXE’s cloud-based software not only allows its users to streamline paper-heavy sourcing activities like never before, but also to perform all procurement tasks in one place, from any location (home/office/etc), browser or device, in real-time 24/7
  • Built-in software flexibility makes HIDEXE relevant for tanneries trading a handful of containers per week, all the way to the major industry players who operate large-scale wholesale businesses
  • HIDEXE is not only a perfect antidote for COVID-related constraints that have severely restricted the traditional off-line sales and procurement channels, but also allows hide & leather traders to considerably expand their catchment area

We are keen to give you a virtual test-drive and tutorial of HIDEXE’s SaaS procurement platform (both on the supply and demand side) and demonstrate the benefits of our auction creation, documentation, fulfilment and other tools. 

Since our software is so intutitve, you could try it (on your own) today without any training: 

  1. Sign up for free at HIDEXE.com
  2. After you create and verify your profile, you can specify the raw/tanned/skins/crust/finished product that you would like to sell or buy, using HIDEXE’s standardized but very flexible templates
  3. Launch an auction in public or private mode, depending on you preference
  4. Normally, you would need to pay a modest volumetric fee (on a container or truckload basis) without any need to incur fixed monthly costs.  However, during our risk-free trial the cost of trying our software is literally zero.
  5. Once you launch an auction, you can quckly send auction invites to your existing partners to generate demand for your product.
  6. Our notification system will keep auction participants informed of price changes in real time and will prompt them to react to market changes
  7. Once the auction is finished, HIDEXE automatically generates INTERNATIONAL CONTRACT No. 6 - HIDES & SKINS following a successful auction result.  This globally-accepted template contract can be supplemented by additional bilateral agreements between trading counterparties and as such can HIDEXE can handle any industry transaction anywhere in the world.
  8. Once the counterparties excute the pre-drafted legal documents, HIDEXE will help all parties to reach a sucesful conclusion of their transaction, by prompting both sides to fulfil their respective obligations.
  9. HIDEXE gives its users different administration rights, which means that commercial functions can be split from back-office administration and logistics in a very transparent and auditable manner.
  10. Relaunch your auction with a single click

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