10 February 2021

The Leather & Hide Council of America (LHCA) holds a Webinar introducing HIDEXE to its members

LHCA Webinar was hosted by Stephen Sothmann, President of the Leather and Hide Council of America on Wednesday, Feb 10 2021.




Stephen Sothmann's introduction             (15 seconds into the recording)
Jo Gilet                                                     (starting at 1 minute 55 seconds)
Bo Ivanovic                                              (starting at 3 minutes 30 seconds)
Felix Gilet                                                (starting at 6 minutes 15 seconds)
Software demonstartion                           (starting at 13 minutes and 40 seconds)
Questions & Answers                               (starting at 28 minutes and 30 seconds)


The Leather & Hide Council of America (LHCA) was established in 2020 following the merger of two of the US’ oldest industry associations, the United States Hide Skin and Leather Association, founded in 1979, and the Leather Industries of America, founded in 1917.

HIDEXE's cloud-based software applications (called H-SaaS) are aimed specifically at the hide & leather industry, and include various fully-integrated modules: virtual auctions, sourcing & procurement search engines, and other CRM/ERP functions enabling professionals and specialists to participate and benefit from an optimized and integrated global digital ecosystem for the hide, skins, leather & by-products industry. HIDEXE cloud-based software applications are accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

The Webinar was hosted by Stephen Sothmann, who introduced HIDEXE to approximately 50 LHCA members.  HIDEXE's 3 founders (Jo Gilet, Bo Ivanovic and Felix Gilet) had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the group and show the group a short video describing the company and its products.  Thereafter, Felix Gilet provided a live demo of how a HIDEXE user can create a product on H-SaaS, launch a public/private auction within minutes (on the supply side), place formal bids (on the demand side), and showed how HIDEXE supports its customers during the post-auction period when the system automatically generates draft contract documentation, as well as accelerates contract execution, fulfilment, and related logistics by sending targeted notifications to both counterparties.

Following the demo, Stephen Sothmann opened the floor to Q&A, where HIDEXE founders provided additional information and clarifications. 

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