27 November 2020

HIDEXE launches Beta version of its B2B Leather & Hide SaaS solution

The Hide & Leather industry has traditionally been an off-line industry based around tradeshows and personal relationships, but the current COVID19 operating constraints are now forcing the industry to evolve.  COVID19 has revealed that many companies are not well prepared for disruptions in their supply chains and are now re-evaluating how to efficiently procure materials going forward. 

HIDEXE founders, an international team of industry experts and venture capital investors, have responded to this challenge by designing and creating a capable real-time software platform that facilitates independent business-to-business sales of Hides, Skins, Leather & By-products worldwide.  The new platform can easily be adopted by both sophisticated users and novices for their immediate benefit. HIDEXE can help these companies to adopt cost-efficient verticalized procurement solutions, which we believe will become dominant even when COVID19 disruptions are mitigated.

Over the last year, HIDEXE founders have worked hard to build a software suite that will enable our industry to keep up with the latest trends and opportunities, benefit from them, and radically shorten time-to-market and improve inventory turnover.  We are confident that our SaaS platform and the surrounding ecosystem of resources represent an important tool for the industry not only to weather the current storm, but also to enhance margins, efficiency, and transparency.

The Beta version of HIDEXE’s SaaS Suite has gone through alpha testing in-house and is generally fairly close in look, feel and function to the final product.  Our development team has recently started testing user acceptance with a group of target users to evaluate product performance in the real-world conditions.  Our aim is to build up an established user-base as quickly as possible and to add additional functionalities as we grow bigger.  We aim to gain acceptance and positive endorsements from large buyers and suppliers by capitalising on existing relationships, by providing our users an efficient access to standardized data and unparalleled information regarding inventory and pricing. 

HIDEXE has many other projects in its pipeline to help the Hide & Leather industry to evolve in a changing and competitive world.  Our goal is to create an ecosystem helping customers to harness and orchestrate their respective capabilities to capture new sustainable sources of value in new ways, and through new outlets.

If you would like to join HIDEXE’s trading platform evaluation pilot, please contact beta@hidexe.com.

For technical enquiries, please contact:

Chief Technology & Innovation Officer
Mobile: +352 661 255 251

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