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HIDEXE SA is a Luxembourg-based start-up founded in 2020 by the Gilet family and is supported by several venture capital investors.  Our team, a diversified group of top technology professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators, is turning its knowledge, experience, global network, and professional assets to build a number of useful digital tools needed to modernize the hide & leather trade worldwide.

The company develops numerous cloud-based software applications aimed specifically at the hide & leather industry, including automated virtual auctions, sourcing & procurement software, and other CRM/ERP functions enabling professionals and specialists to participate and benefit from an optimized and integrated global digital ecosystem for the hide, skins, leather & by-products industry. Our cloud-based software applications are accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

HIDEXE software-as-a-service (SaaS) Suite allows hide & leather suppliers to cost-efficiently launch proprietary global and/or private e-auctions, while simultaneously providing market off-takers with powerful sourcing & procurement tools not only to quickly acquire commodity products, but also to do so with confidence and in a very transparent manner.  Our on-demand SaaS service is available 24/7.  It provides its licensed users with a global reach and allows users to accelerate and streamline complex, paper-heavy and repetitive procurement and logistics-related processes without any need for specialized training or equipment.

  • Our team brings decades of industry expertise and passion to this market, backed by unrivalled knowledge of both market history and dynamic market trends. 
  • Our solutions streamline the complex, slow and paper-heavy procurement process and eliminate the need for many intermediaries.
  • HIDEXE’s ecosystem works seamlessly and transparently throughout the year, independent of trade fare calendars.
  • Our H SaaS Suite is an independent, advanced solution with a global reach, providing a unique value proposition to handle high procurement volumes.
  • H SaaS seamlessly adapts to users' current and future functional requirements, boosting efficiency by significantly reducing the total cost of conducting business.
  • HIDEXE ecosystem is designed to handle all types of leather and hide, as well as by-products, including high-value, low-value, or bulk.
  • HIDEXE is a key enabler for digitisation and streamlining of processes in all parts of the leather and hide value chain.
  • Depending on your category of interest, please contact us to learn more about our current product offering, or to find out how HIDEXE can assist you with your current and future needs.

  • Facts

    ​HIDEXE SaaS powers your new digital channel to market and sell your leather & hide products, while greatly reducing marketing costs compared to the existing sales channels.

  • Facts

    HIDEXE offers opportunities to establish new trading partnerships and reach new suppliers, not only within your existing supply chains but across entirely new supply chains.

  • Facts

    Our core HIDEXE system can be adjusted to give you and your customers a seamless experience. With our flexible solution modules, configurable setup and performance characteristics of our ecosystem, you can design and develop a system to suit your local conditions.

  • Facts

    We work constructively within a governance model in which we bring both top management and our best experts to the table. Together, and with you in control, we can innovate and deliver services faster than anyone else.

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    Our HIDEXE ecosystem is based on modern technology and design principles that are flexible and easy to integrate with other available solutions.

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    Our ability to deliver real-time services with an open API architecture permits easy customer delivery of services in a trusted environment.


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